Friday, June 26, 2009


Last October 2008 I had an urticaria - (or hives are a kind of skin rash notable for dark red, raised, itchy bumps. Hives are frequently caused by allergic reaction.) . I woke up at midnight felt itchy all over my body and I blamed my sister for eating on my mom's bed and thought it was ants that bit me. Two days passed and no medicine won't work on me, I was rushed to the hospital and was placed in the emergency room. Did they have medicine for this rashes? Why is it I am the only one that got bit by ants and not my mom? We both slept on her bed. They called the doctor and examined my skin, he told me I have urticaria (or tagulabay). They gave me a list of medicine and surprised that one piece of allergy medicine was too expensive so I bought five. One piece of medicine costs 60 (pesos). I had to drink it once a day.

After one week, it got worst than I can ever imagined; I couldn't sleep, got irritated by some things easily, I searched on the net for some clues - how did it happened? where does it come from? why me???. I found an article and victims showing the pictures of themselves and their testimonials. Urticaria can be triggered by :
  • Medications, especially aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, narcotic painkillers, or antibiotics.
  • Infections with viruses, bacteria, or fungi.
  • Environmental allergies such as insect bites, pollen, mold, or animal dander.
  • Physical exposures such as heat, cold, water, sunlight, or pressure.
  • Medical conditions such as gland diseases, blood diseases, or cancer.
  • Food allergies such as from strawberries, eggs, nuts, or shellfish.
  • Stress.
  • Milk, cheese, sea foods, orange, mango, chicken.
I had to avoid eating my favorite food and sacrifice to prevent the triggers. I went to my first doctor - Dermatologist and she gave me medicine - 2 kinds of corticosteriods and 2 kinds of allergy medicine. I remember one steriod she gave it was Pred10. I suffered from nausea and insomnia. The intake was too much for me, two steroids in the morning, one allergy medicine after lunch and one at night. I had to take the medicine for two weeks then if the rashes doesn't lessen she need me to examine my urine. I didn't go back there and went to my second doctor, ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat).

Before my allergies occured I had an infection in my throat with tiny red bumps, two years ago. My mom said maybe it was my throat that started the trigger. Everyday, I drink antibacterial medicine for my throat until now. I also use salt water and gargle it for 3 minutes. My ENT doctor told me that it was my throat and I had same result with her patients. She gave me two kinds of antibacterial medicine (Amoxicillin and Ampicillin) and medicine for my cold. She told me to come back after two weeks and she would give me another medicine. I didn't go back because my doctor charged me for 500 (pesos) and didn't do something else to examine my throat.

Three weeks passed, it was November 2008, I'm always mad, couldn't go out, can't sleep, stressful and my father would describe me as Hypochondriac. Well, if you have this disease you would feel the same way. I didn't stop researching on the net, searching for clues and a cure. I went to my third doctor, Allercologist and gave me 6 kinds of medicine - 3 steriods , 2 for allergies. My doctor said I had to drink more than 10mg of steriods to stop the appearance of urticaria and 2 kinds of allergy medicine to stop the itchyness. I was surpirsed that the medicine worked and not knowing that the steriods had side effects. Everyday, my body got weak, frequent vomiting, loss of memory - when my mom told me something then after 5 minutes I forgot what she said to me and I asked again. My mom stopped me from drinking steriods again.

December 2008, I worked in Alabang as Graphic Artist I have to work to earn money to treat this disease. They said I have to earn 50,000 (pesos) if I want to let a professional doctor to examine me. My mom bought me a bottle of Dypenhydramine, same with Benadryl. One piece of small medicine can cure cold and flu temporarily and side effect is drowsiness. I felt relieved when I drunk this medicine. After 12 hours it would come back and had to drink it again.

Jan 2009 came, I went to my fourth doctor - Internist. My rashes developed it formed a tiny red spots all over my legs and arms. I got worried and asked my mom about it. She said we need to go to her Internist and have it examined. Same speech, same type of medicine was given to me. He said I need to have my skin tested. We went the next day and had my skin tested to the Allercologist. The skin test costs 4,000 (pesos). I had 40 shots - 20 environmental and 20 for food. I found out that I'm not allergic to any kinds of food except lobster, good thing I don't eat lobster; I'm allergic to dust, dust mites, bed mites, cockroach, cats and dirt. My doctor said I have to continue drinking my medicine.

Feb 2009, my mom gave me a book from my Lola (grandmother), it was a list of natural medicine and we didn't have to buy expensive medicine. Natural food is the best way to prevent your body from virus, disease or any kind. I watched a commercial of Lotion that have Vit B Complex and Vit E in it. I thought Carrots have Vit B. Then I saw the Lifestyle Network Channel advertising a juicer that can extract juice from vegetables and fruits. I asked mom to buy one for us. She said we had it already but no one's using it. I took it out from the box and started making a healthy drink. I had apple-carrots-bell pepper jiuce, it taste bitter but brings best results for my skin. I thought it would last forever then I found out what would makes me healthy - it's CARROTS! My mom said that her friend is a Dermatologist and her mom would drink carrot juice everyday to lessen the scars marked on her face. It turned out great, her mom had soft, great skin.

There you have it a CURE FOR URTICARIA! A good combination you would drink everyday is carrots-jiuce-sayote-bell pepper. You could mix it up and try different combination but don't remove carrots from your diet. Now, I have great skin, it's young ang healthy. Try living a healthy lifestyle from now on, exercise daily, and you need sunshine but don't stay out long or you will get dark skin. Hope this helps for those who haven't cured yet.


  1. hello.. thanks for your sharing.. i have a son who, i think have this "tagulabay".. but i guess he needs antibiotic because his doctor said. he had pus on the red bumps and actually slowly popped out.. treating it with bactroban really helped. just as what you have shared, it made me realized i haven't let my son drink any carrots juices. :) best thing that i have to introduce it to him. Thanks again. God bless.

  2. great stuff. ill look for carrot juice tomorrow morning!

  3. thank you! I am currently suffering from that allergy :(
    I must try carrot juice:)

  4. my daughter is suffering now with TAGULABAY...and every night it occurs... and very itchy...many red bumps on her skin..i will try carrot juice for her..tnx for sharing..

  5. we'll try this for my son, he's been having this for about weeks already


  7. Hi there, i am also suffering from that kind of disease and i've also went to health center to consult for this kind of you know disease i have. He recommends me to apply clobetasol lotion day and night and celestamine for my medicine. I've been using this and i guess its not working. I dont know if i have some issues like yours, but i know i'm not really this kind of allergic in some things. I just dont know how it started but as i can remember, after i scrub myself this rushes appears and it's so damn irritating.

    I hope carrots will cure me, coz i've been buying expensive medicines just to lessen the irritation.

    But can i try eating carrots even it's not in juice? I mean, sa mga inuulam? pede ba yon?

  8. I also have tagulabay like now. Haha but im kinda used to it. Since i was a child i already have it. -__- but it randomly appears naman. Before i used to drink celestamine but it doesnt work for me anymore maybe because my body is already immuned with it so i change to aleva. Try it, it might help.

  9. I have had urticaria for 16 years.. Have been on antihistamines all that time.. Lately it feels like my body has become immune to them and my 'itching and rashes attacks' happen more frequently.. Will embark on carrot juice drinking for sure! Thanks for the tip!

  10. I don't know if I have also Tagulabay. Last Thursday, when I woke up, I noticed some small red rashes on my face, arms and legs. I was also not feeling well, but after sweating, I got better. The next day, I still had those red rashes but it lessened. But today, I was shocked to see that I'm covered with small and big rashes even on my palm, feet and stomach, worse is my face is also covered with it. It's too difficult for me to walk. And I have a slight fever. My eyes feels so heavy that I always want to go to sleep. Is this Tagulabay? I wasn't able to go to the hospital today to ask the doctor about it.

  11. Nagte-take na din ako ng carrots juice nung nakaraan pa. with combination of ampalaya, cucumber and celery kaya lang bumabalik pa din. Try ko yung sayote and bell pepper. Dami ko na din nainom na gamot wala naman epekto.

  12. a quick remedy is to apply Vicks Vaporub, yes you heard it. Good old Vicks works for me. I apply it like ointment in the affected areas so I don't get itchy and get a good night sleep. The effect is just overnight though, so in the morning, before going to school or work, one would have to re-apply vicks again and that would be good till you get back home from wherever.

  13. Hi my 3 yr old daugther had the same problem we consulted 2 doctors non had diagnosed that she had urtecaria until the 3 Pedia.. she was given allerkid every 12 hrs and Iterax if the severe itch triggers and Dosewen Cream for the hives and anti allergenic soap (Novas) after a day the allergies had stopped but we were recommended a 1 month maintenance for this.
    Also i think food diary could help allot on identifying which triggers the allergies.

  14. My daughter right now is suffering from tagulabay. My 10 year old son always suffers from it too years ago . What i do is i rub ice on affected areas and in just a matter of minutes it goes away. But i cant apply ice on my daughter right now coz its already late at night. Its all over her body so i cannot take the risk. Ohh so i guess ill just keep mysrlf up rubbing my hands on her skin til she falls asleep then i apply ice in the morning.

  15. OMG! thanks to the internet and thanks to you! I've been suffering for one week now. I will definitely try carrot juice ASAP.

  16. Hope it would help!thank you,2months suffering about that .

  17. hey HELP ME! I got this for almost four days!!! WHAT SHOULD I DOOO?

  18. I've been suffering this for years. Para na nga ko nagme maintenance ng antihistamine. Pati baby ko naaapektuhan na kasi breast feed ako. Thanks for the idea, Ill try it asap.